We provide professional Videography and Editing at DX Marketing
In recent years, video marketing has become quite popular. Video marketing is being used by more and more businesses to attract clients and sell goods. In a similar vein, video is being used more and more in the real estate sector for marketing. It's crucial when promoting any real estate property that the customer has a realistic impression of the space before choosing whether to purchase or rent it.


At DX Marketing, we provide real estate marketers high-quality video editing services.

You've arrived to the perfect location if you need to give a video shot a professional appearance. We can edit your real estate films to make them works of art that will help you draw in more clients.

Real estate video editing is our area of specialty. In order to present your home in the best possible way, we can assist. In addition to editing real estate films, we also edit videos for personal branding with the same fervour and proficiency. Included in our real estate video editing services are the editing of property videos, drone footage, videos for personal branding, and CLIPS for social media platforms.

Our video editing crew is well-equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to give real estate films a polished, professional appearance. The maximum number of videos per resource that may be edited in 24 hours is three.

However, the length and quality of the raw video given will determine the actual turnaround time.

Among the many real estate video editing services available are -

Editing Videos for Real Estate: The Basics
We have the know-how to edit videos in the most basic ways with any format (MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.). The real estate movies can be combined, shots can be clipped and removed, shots can be sequenced, shaky videos can be stabilized, etc.

Advances in Property-Related Video Production
We also assist in improving the video by adding things like music/sounds, subtitles, voice-overs, creative titling, transitions, animations, etc., in addition to the basic editing.

Stitching of 360° Videos for the Real Estate Industry
We are India's premier real estate video service provider, and one of our specialties is creating 360-degree films by stitching together many footage of the same location.

A 2D video may be transformed into a 3D one using this technique.

Extra Transitions for Property Videos
Our outsourcing services for real estate video services include the use of video enhancing methods that will significantly increase the quality of your videos.
  » The following are some of them:
  » Shade adjustments
  » Adaptations to Definition
  » Eliminating Ambient Noise
  » Tilting
  » Improved 2D and 3D effects
  » Improved acoustics
  » The Upscaling of Videos
  » Correlation error in the pixels

Tailored Costing
Our real estate editing services are the finest in the business, and we provide personalised packages that fit each client's budget and needs.

When it comes to assisting customers in creating high-quality real estate edited movies, we have one of the greatest and most cutting-edge real estate editing services infrastructures available. We have access to industry-leading video editing tools including Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

We can provide real estate professionals the highest quality video editing services in record time. We take the security of your movies very seriously as the industry standard real estate video editing service provider, which is why we adhere to stringent agreements and service level agreements (SLAs).