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Bahria Town Karachi is always on the top when it comes to creating a luxurious living for its people. It has now introduced Bahria Greens Karachi. This is also known as Pakistan’s biggest low-cost scheme. This area gives you the freedom to create your ideal home of 4 bedrooms which will cover an area of approximately 1700 square feet. There is immense development and work going on in this area because it is in high demand. These residential areas will surely be at their peak because we are delivering you the best. There are tons of key features of Bahria Green like:

  • Bahria adventure land amusement park
  • Day and night zoo
  • Raiha cine gold plex cinemas
  • Education hubs
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • 24 hours security and electricity
  • Gated community
  • Shopping malls
  • Masjids
  • Street lights and wide roads

No matter how much Bahria Town gives us space, DreamsNex will make sure that all the apartments and buildings are futuristic and makes living easy for everyone. Bahria Town aims to make Bahria Green the best living lifestyle and we will surely make that come true. We are now providing our customers with the ultimate construction of villas. The surprise in this is that these are limited villas for our customers. There are numerous things that we are going to include in them to give you the best and most luxurious living.

The best opportunity to live luxuriously in Bahria Greens Karachi for UAE overseas citizens

Salaam Estate and Builders want to create a please environment for everyone. Therefore, we are now presenting amazing DX Bahria Green Villas in Karachi for our special overseas UAE citizens who are interested in our investment plan. We have created a wonderful platform for all overseas UAE citizens who are looking for the best and most luxurious living place. The first and foremost thing is that our DX Bahria Green Villas are located in an ideal place. The area has entertainment hubs, 24-hour security and electricity flow, shopping malls, gated communities, parks, zoos, and much more.

The villas are a sight to see. These villas consist of 4 bedrooms and they cover an approximate size of 1700 square feet. The ground floor will contain a luxurious lounge, high-maintained kitchen, spacious lounge, powder room, staircase, store, and a rear passage. Moreover, the 1st and the 2nd floor will consist of 2 bedrooms, an attached bath, a balcony with one room and finally a lobby. To conquer this villa for yourself, we have made an easy installment plan so that people living overseas in UAE can easily pay and live their lives luxuriously. Hence, this is one of the best opportunities to build your dream home relaxingly with us.


DX Green Villas floor plan

We have set the best floor plan for our customers. The DX Green Villas will have a ground floor which will include 2 more floors on top of it. Hence, there are no worries about running out of space. These villas will include 4 bedrooms with an area of approximately 1700 square feet. We have built this floor plan to furnish your lifestyle. The ground floor will include a spacious lounge, modern kitchen, dining, powder room, staircase, store, and a rear passage. Hence, the ground floor will be designed luxuriously and it will include all the basic facilities that you will need.

Moreover, the first and the second floor will have 2 bedrooms with an attached bath, a balcony with one room, and a lobby. Therefore, the floor plan is designed to give you the best lifestyle possible. It is simple and modern. There is nothing that you will dislike about it. This is the best design for families because it gives you a separate area for rooms and entertainment. There is no need to worry about getting low on space because our villas will also include built-in cupboards for extra storage.

Easy Installment process Bahria Green Karachi

We know that it can be hard to pay the full amount right on the spot. This is why we have made a payment plan so that our customers are at ease. One thing to always keep in mind is that the prices of everything change over time. There is a lot of fluctuation going on in the market therefore, the prices of anything are not fixed and they will change. The total price of the DX Green Villas is 107,50,000 rupees. The down payment can be given of 15,50,00. Moreover, if you are looking for more flexibility then we also offer this after 3 months which will be 10,00,000.

When we talk about installments, the 20 monthly installments will be roughly around 52,00,000. After every 6th installment, it will be near 20,00,00 and on the completion, it will be 10,00,000. However, these prices are not yet fixed and they might fluctuate according to the market and some other elements as well. Hence, putting up the prices and the installments can give you an overview of the range. Moreover, Bahria Town has also given an opportunity to get these villas by a 4-year installment plan which will include 16 installments.


Why you should invest in DX Green villas 

DreamsNex is always on the move to create innovative ideas for its clients. We are working hard to give you your desired way of living. Therefore, our DX Green Villas will surely be right up to your standards. We provide the basic facilities that you will need. We assure you that the overseas customers will love our villas because of our majestic plan. All of our DX Green villas will have the same floor plan of 4 bedrooms. The installment plan is also made simple and easy for people living here as well as overseas. If you are looking for a dreamy location while having all the facilities near you then leave it up to us to make that come true.

Our DX Green Villas will also be surrounded by parks and shopping galleries so that you have everything nearby. We plan on making Bahria Green the best and ideal place for living by putting forth our inventions. This is your opportunity to grab the best plan because it is a low-cost housing scheme. As the months move by, the prices will keep fluctuating. Therefore, this is the right time to get in touch with us to create your very own DX Green Villa. Hence, this project is a good investment because we will make sure you will not regret anything.

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