Bahria Town Karachi has successfully located all of its majestic products in town with immense honors. There are mega products that have been in the running and finishing stages with much more to come. Hence, to make Bahria Town Karachi an ideal living area, the Chairman and CEO of Bahria Town Karachi are delighted to announce the opening of a new school within this fabulous area. The education system will be termed BTK-ES or in other words, it will be the BTK education system. 


Through the development of housing schemes and giving residents all the different kinds of housing facilities and providing commercial areas as well, it is important to keep up with the education system as well to give families a great source of structure in all aspects of life. Therefore, this schooling system will focus on granting children education with affordable fees for all. The aim is to give quality education to everyone in Bahria Town Karachi and ensure everyone has a brilliant vision to enhance their abilities as well as contribute to the country in great amounts. 


The BTK-ES will offer classes till 5th grade and will follow the Cambridge scheme so that students are reaching their higher aims and also fulfill all of the international demands with ease. While giving quality education, BTK-ES will also place focus on developing students so they are the best versions of themselves without failing to recognize their abilities and skills. Hence, through the Cambridge scheme, the students will flow in great understanding of education and also help in flourishing their skills. 


Through each year that passes. BTK-ES will open up new levels of grades until A levels are completed within the perimeters. The goal is to make BTS-ES complete with all levels of education up to A levels within the time 5 years. The school will soon be open in providing its important services from August of 2023 while the admission process will start in the second week of May 2023. The seats are limited which means that admission will be done on a first come and first serve basis. 


Furthermore, the school contains all kinds of modern facilities to help students enjoy studying and help them earn the easiness of learning as well. Bahria Town Karachi now has opened doors for numerous children to perfect their education basis in the best way possible by adding BTK-ES. For any additional information, you can always go through the school website.


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