New villa construction- get ultimate updates and NOC sequence through DreamsNex Marketing

Constructions of villas have been at their peak in this modern era in Bahria Town Karachi. We have fully accounted for different aspects of elements that meet your expectations in the best way possible. Therefore, we hold things accountable to get things sorted and done at the right time. Our villa construction of 500 square yards goes smoothly while fulfilling all of the different kinds of specifications. We give the right kind of timeline as well for all of our construction processes. Hence the process of our villa construction has started and the digging is near to start, however, before the digging process there are other elements that one has to go through and that is getting the NOC.  


Most clients have trouble and confusion going through this stage. To clear things out for you and help you in understanding the process, we have formulated the right kind of tactics. Hence, you can get in touch with us at any time you want to for seeking help at any step. Hence, here is the stages of getting the NOC for your villa are given below.  


  • Design charges  


  • Architectural structure drawing  


  • MEP structure  


  • Structural drawing  


  • Soil testing  


  • Barrication  


  • Demarcation  


  • Digging  


The importance of NOC   


There are different construction phases and all of them contribute to a better position when it comes to going through the right tactics. Hence, we have the purest form of construction and all of the above-listed elements are important to go through before we reach the digging stage. There are other elements as well that we cater to and have to go through stages after the digging process as well. However, all of this will only continue with the process when you get the NOC of your villa. The NOC process takes about 10 to 8 weeks and depends on the rush. There are tons of constructions going on in Bahria Town Karachi and this results in delays in getting the NOC.   


The elements included in the drawing stage   


The drawing charges will take place with the architectural drawings and you will have to submit this to different departments. Hence, you need to have a layout of your home made by you and submit it to one department so that there your drawing is considered and made accordingly. Here, you will also pay the design charges. Once you submit your drawing to the department, they will match it with the SOPs given by Bahria Town Karachi so that it is desirable. Moreover, it also gains a healthy impact on your villa. There will always be a few changes that you will go through in your drawing stage. Hence, there will be a couple of runs on this department so that you can finalize your ideal design for your villa.   


The unofficial marking of your home   


After going through other processes as well, you will reach the point where they will unofficially mark 4 points on the ground of your home. This will be the start of the process of making it more official. Once you get the letter from the design department, the rest of the things will move in a flow. Hence, the demarcation will happen and this will be unofficial marks. After getting the drawing approved while following the SOPs by Bahria Town Karachi, you will then have official marks of your home. After this, your digging process will continue. There are tons of different processes and minor stages that will get you along the way and you will have to go through them as well.   


After the digging process and our construction values   


The digging process will start as soon as everything is approved by the different departments and it is a process of 6 to 8 weeks. It can also extend to 10 weeks which will come close due to the rush. Hence, it is a slow and steady process and there are tons of consultations that will take place so that you can finalize the drawing. Moreover, you also have the right construction value when you work with us. Our team is always available for your help and offers the right kind of design as well to help you out.   


We know about the stages and how tough it can get for numerous who are especially going through it for the first time. Therefore, we remain in contact with them throughout the procedure until the start and the end. Our team continues to cause different elaborative skills to get in touch with the right kind of process. Moreover, we also are skilled experts and work with our customers in the best way possible so that they do not have any concerns left.   


Our speedy construction process   


Out of a ton of different forms, we have the right association which is to get the best kind of construction and ideal home for our customers. The soil testing is essential for plots that are of the higher area but it is important for smaller areas as well. Here, the soil is tested if it is hard and beneficial enough to have a structure built on it. Hence, the soil is tested to look at its durability which makes it beneficial for the client as well as us. If it is not then we add in more rocks and other materials which makes it stronger and more durable for construction.   


DreamsNex is always available to help out clients and give them their dream homes. We have all kinds of materials and other ideas to give to our customers so that they are happy and filled with satisfaction so that they live their ideal home. Moreover, we also add upon other things which are done at the request of the customer. They also have the option to get their desired material so that they are satisfied with the look. We have constructed numerous villas and still are in the progress of it. All of our structures are done in the finest locations through strict measures.   


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